New KA2 projects by Citizens in Power

1.’Grow Green’ Main topic: Agro-entrepreneurship   2. ‘Informath’ Main topic: Maths for students   3. ‘Society Profits’ Main topic: Social Entrepreneurship   4.’Antidiscrimination Pack 2.0′ Main topic: Discrimination  

Person of the Year: The Entrepreneur on TV

Peter Drucker said ‘entrepreneurship is not magic, is not mysterious and it has nothing to do with genes. It is a discipline. And, like any discipline, it can be learned’. Young leaders from our organizations recognized the need of practical education on entrepreneurship and prepared project called “Person of the year: THE ENTREPRENEUR!” that was


EU-SIM Qvorum Institute is proudly announcing the launch of EU-SIM project, a European Union funded project under Erasmus+ Program. Between 6th and 10th of July, Bucharest will host the first international European decision-making process simulation. The event will bring together 60 participants from Romania, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Cyprus, courtesy to our project partners: VoteWatch

Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability

New project BEE aims to foster youth employability by creating an empowering environment to enable young people to undergo a work-based learning period and to foster links between formal education, non-formal education and labour market. BEE promotes a holistic approach and structured cross-sectorial cooperation for raising youth employability. BEE contributes to achieving the objectives of