Periklis Antoniou

Sports & Innovation Manager

Periklies, one of the youngest members in the CIP team, has 10 years involvement in the sporting sector. His experience in football and futsal ranges from community participation, all the way through to UEFA and FIFA elite standards. With a keen interest in coaching, Periklies has been involved with professional academies, clubs and associations throughout the UK and Europe.

Periklies has a Postgraduate degree in sports coaching sciences and is also a UEFA licenced coach. Periklies also has a passion for entrepreneurship, starting his own company in Cyprus aged 23 before becoming Sports Executive with CIP. Periklies has experience with business development consulting startups in the social and content marketing industry, where he has developed a first-rate understanding of the online industry. Now as Lead in Sports and Innovation, Periklies has been making use of his expertise developing digital and tangible solutions for clients throughout the sporting sector.