Olivia Georgiou

Youth Worker

Olivia Georgiou, studies business and marketing at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing. Olivia is an active youth worker in CIP’s activities. Despite her young age, she has participated in a variety of EU programs such as Comenius, Seminars, Conferences and Training courses and decided to get more involved so she started volunteering in CIP at the age of 18 and gained experience in hosting training courses and organizing seminars.
Olivia is an enthusiastic youth worker devoted to non-formal education and passionate about developing intercultural education, diversity awareness and youth empowerment.Her remarkable energy, enthusiasm, integrity and linguistic abilities, combined with her experience as an EVS mentor, equip her with the ability to prepare and coordinate our participants before attending training courses abroad. According to Olivia, people need opportunities to get involved and she is willing to assist youngsters to reach their maximum potential.