Memorandum of Understanding with University of Nicosia

Great honor for C.I.P. Citizens in Power to sign today a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Nicosia, the largest University of Cyprus!

This Memorandum of Understanding sets for the terms and understanding between the C.I.P. Citizens in Power and the University of Nicosia to modernize teaching

Areas of collaboration also include:

* Guidance on EU funding proposals

* Well-organized trainings and other educational activities, including online/e-learning trainings, formal and non-formal education.

*Opportunities for C.I.P Members to obtain scholarship at UniversityofNicosia under the C.I.P’s  programs ‘Volunteer of the Year’ and ‘C.I.P’s Young leader’ 

*Opportunities for University of Nicosia students to acquire practical exercise in the form of a short-term internship at C.I.P.

The MoU was signed with the presence of Prof. Kartakoulis Nikos (President of the council for University of Nicosia), Ms. Myria Thrassou (Head of Student Affairs for University of Nicosia), Angelos Parmatzias (Director of C.I.P. Citizens in Power) and Panayiota Mourettou ( Head of the department of research for C.I.P. Citizens in Power)