The future of Europe depends upon millions of Europeans aged between 15 and 29. It is a matter of great concern that this young people have been hit so hard by the economic crisis. The unemployment figures testify to a labour market which is gradually becoming more difficult for young people. Nowadays, one out of six young people in Europe encounter the risk of disengagement from society and marginalization. One of the most vulnerable groups in the context of youth unemployment is that of young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

By equipping youth workers with the necessary educational tools, they will be capable to offer voluntary activities which will help NEET to make the first step, either for employment or education/training. Putting all this together, this training aimed to provide youth workers with useful, non-formal educational tools that are essential for analyzing the reality of youth, whilst simultaneously empowering young people in their communities to convert their talents/potentials into opportunities.

Accordingly, the main educational objectives for youth workers are:

– To experience motivational techniques and NFE workshops that help young people to express theirselves by various means in order to pave the way to employability or further education.

– To equip those involved with ‘NEET youth work ‘ with necessary skills and competencies in order to be capable to support this vulnerable group in a more effective way.

The main objective for the youth workers’ training are:

– To co-develop or share innovative models of intervention methods , tools or programs that are suitable to support this vulnerable target group, such as ‘video CV’ presentations.

The international training course ‘NO ‘NEET’ ’ was hosted in Larnaca by ‘Citizens in Power’ from 03/10/2016 until 09/10/2016 in cooperation with nine partner organizations from EU. Each organization will be represented by 2 participants.


The results of the project

1.Participants’ dissemination report per country:


2. Activity name: Accessing Future Jobs and Trainings

The objective of this e-activity was to develop a user-friendly ‘e-quide for EU NEETs to inform NEET about employment and free training opportunities across EU (especially from countries involved in the project).

The findings: accessing-future-jobs-and-trainings

3. Activity name: Online NGO FAIR
The aim of the e-activity was to exchange good practices which are currently applied by participant in their respective organizations, to network, and to present the main activities of the organization.

The findings: online-ngo-fair

4. The Free Digital Library for NEET
Participants have collected online material like e-articles, e-videos,e-forums,e-audios, blogs, movies, websites and e-books that can support young people to find a job, training or education.

The findings: the-free-digital-library-for-neet

5. Video CV findings:

Introduction to the activity: The Video Presentation – Pitch/video CV, is an innovative approach in the labour market. The process of developing the presentation will be proved beneficial for young people in realizing and detecting their strong features, whilst regaining confidence in order to be capable to make a good presentation of their skills to a future employee.

Alex Rusu a participant from Romania with his team have created a Video CV to apply for the position of ‘Director of innovation’

Please click on the link below watch a video

Eleni Dimitriou a participant from Greece with her team created a Video CV to apply for internship in an NGO from Slovenia.

Matyasova Lada a participant from Czech Republic with her team created a Video CV to apply for the position of project manager in an NGO or youth sector in general.