Network of Partners

CIP has been a valuable partner in a vast number of EU projects. This gave us the opportunity to support and train the members of our local and international networks in numerous ways such as exchange of information, good practices, experiences and ideas.

CIP has supported more than 500 young people to attend educational programmes in Cyprus and abroad. Few of them are listed below

  • The One Young World team was hugely impressed by the achievements of our president, Angelos Parmatzias, and they have awarded Angelos with the All Bar None Scholarship. One Young World is the preeminent global forum for young leaders aged 18-30 and gathers the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. (
  • Training Course EXCHANGE AND SURVIVE 6-12th of September, 2015. Granada, Spain. The training course supported youth workers and volunteers with little or no experience to organize youth exchanges under the Erasmus + Program.
  • 2015-2-RO01-KA105-015550 Youth Unemployment:Training Course 31 January – 09 February 2016 in Sinaia Romania, for youth workers. The overall objective of the project is the personal and professional development of 32 unemployed young people in order to facilitate their access into the labor market.
  • 5 days with lot of activities, discussions, debates, ideas and initiatives about entrepreneurship. The training course “Person of the year: Entrepreneur!” organized successfully by Citizens in Power NGO in Nicosia, Cyprus from 27thof April to 3rd of May.
  • 2015-2-EE01-KA105-013524″No Man Is an Island” project is a training for youth workers from EU countries: Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain. It is organised by Mittetulundusühing MITRA (Estonia). The main aim of the project is to go deeper in European Citizenship education with focus on inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities and particularly from islands where they face natural geographical exclusion. The training course will be organised on mainland and on Saaremaa island in Jurna Turismitalu (tourists farm)in Estonia between September 5-14, 2015 with follow-up activities after it in partners’ countries. The working language will be English.
  • 2015-1-DE04-KA105-012332 “Blueprint your Career” Training Course for youth leaders 06.-06.07.2015 ,Kleve, Germany. The portfolio of exercises in this training encourages the creativity and boost young entrepreneurs’ confidence.
  • 2014-3-IT03-KA105-004990 “Sustainable CITY, SMART living”,Italy ,16th-24th June, In a villa in Sala Bolognese(Bologna). Youth Exchange for exchanging good practices on the topics of sustainability growth of urban centers and Smart City approach
  • Spain 02/10/2014-09/10/2015, Making Soap: A training course based on sustainability, environmental awareness and personal care.
  • Croatia 1/09/2014-10/09/2014 Erasmus plus project – training course. TITLE: New start. PLACE: Stari Grad, Island of Hvar, Croatia. The training course „New start” is an international project under the Erasmus+ framework, that provided tolls for self-promotion (public appearance, writing a professional CV, building up their own web side, use of social networks in the job search, producing a resume internet films for self-promotion, promoting themselves in media) that helped young people to fight youth unemployment.
  • Latvia (5 -13 October 2013 ) “Choose Your Freedom 2” in Sigulda. The goal of the project is to prepare peer educators on the subject “Human trafficking” focusing on NGO preventive activities (such as social advertising campaigns, using social networking and preparing multipliers).
  • Austria ( Innsbruck 27-28/09/2012) To project method promotes a creative learning process
  • North Ireland (Belfast 07-11/03/2012)”Get Involved”: Training Course on Youth Democracy Projects Development.
  • Represented Cyprus (Denmark- Soro city 18-21/03/2012) in a EU Youth Conference which was organized under the Danish EU presidency. The subject of the conference was how to foster young people’s creativity, innovative capabilities and talents as means of increasing their active participation in society and their transition to employment.
  • Slovenia (Bled 3-7 March 2012 ) Training course- FACILITATING LEARNING – How to design and manage learning / educational processes. (Youth in Action programme)
  • TC SNAPSHOT, Nuremberg 18-24.11.2012. „SNAPSHOT” was an international training course directed to young facilitators who were working with photography as a tool for youth activities.
  • Lithuania (5-8 of December 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania) International Training Course for multipliers, coachers, counsellors “COACHERS, COUNSELLORS, MULTIPLIERS – CAN CREATE MORE!”
  • Estonia (15-20 October 2011 | Tallinn) Training course: Q4Q – QUEST FOR QUALITY IN TRAINING AND NETWORKING PROJECTS.
  • Hungary (23-30 October 2011, Budapest) Study Session:Social Networking: a new paradigm for inclusion and intercultural learning.
  • Romania (Gura Potitei  21/08/11 till 27/08/11- The Power of Non formal education- training. Details on Funded by EU and national agency of Cyprus.
  • Denmark ( Copenhagen Ballerup-Park 2011 from 11/08/11 till 14/08/11, Youthcamp 2011-The year’s most important youth event on democracy, details on-  ) Funded by EU and national agency of Cyprus.
  • Wolrd Forum of Democracy (WFD) organized by the council of Europe. Specifically Charalambos Solonos participated in 2013 WFD and Angelos Parmatzias at 2014 WFD( WFD is a very popular forum where high profile politicians and influential people attend to discuss with young people. Much of the inspiration for developing this project came from the attendance to the WFD.
  • Greece (Crete 2011 from 3/07/11 till 18/07/11, Cross-Cultural Management Intensive Programme in Crete (CCMIP – 2011). More info on ) Funded by EU



  • Seminar organized by Romanian national agency. Strategic Partnership Plus Seminar (9-13 December 2014 | Bucharest, Romania).The aim was to create a space for developing partnerships able to submit good quality applications and implement effectively cross-sectoral Strategic Partnerships
  • Seminar organized by Council of Europe. “Transitions to autonomy and labour market” that was organised in Budapest, 9-11 September 2014.
  • The Youth Academy was held between 28-30 November 2014, Poseidonia Beach Hotel in Limassol.The purpose of the Youth Academy was to offer young people the opportunity to meet and discuss current issues that affect them directly. Specifically, the issue discussed at the Youth Academy was “Youth Empowerment”, where participants through dialogue, active participation and interactive methods Non Formal Learning, they exchanged views and develop new ideas, solutions and prospects for synergies between organizations on the issue.
  • The action of the «Youth Ambassadors» focused both on active and more participatory implementation of Structured Dialogue with young people, as well as the greater social participation of young people through capacity building and entertaining training activities, meeting and conferences that were based on non-formal education methods (Cyprus 2014).
  • World Forum of Democracy (WFD) organized by the council of Europe. Specifically Charalambos Solonos participated in 2013 WFD and Angelos Parmatzias in 2014 WFD( WFD is a very popular forum where high profile politicians and influential people attend to discuss with young people on democratic issues.
  • “Poverty and Inequality in Societies of Human Rights: the Paradox of Democracies – Proposals for an Inclusive Society” organized by the Council of Europe. Represented Cyprus NGOs and Youth in Power. ( Strasbourg 21-22/02/2013)
  • Youth Envisage and Redesign your Idea Future!. Main idea is to identify the reason that affect active participation of young people in socioeconomic environment and then develop ideas that can solve the problem. (Cyprus, Pafos at Venus beach hotel 17-22/07/2012)
  • Organize an educational trip to the European Parliament (01-05/04/2012) for the members of the organization; to understand how Europe’s democratically elected body works.;jsessionid=2F15289FBDD9D39FB63B847FA84E3A6B
  • Social Platform conference “How the Cyprus EU Presidency will respond to the social consequences of the EU crisis”[19/04/2012]. Cyprus
  • Structured dialogue, Young people and participation in democratic and decision making process (2012), held at Palm Beach hotel on 21-22 January, organizer- Cyprus Greens (under guidelines of EU- Youth in action programme funding)