Inclusion +

“Inclusion+” project is a training for youth workers from EU countries: Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany , Greece and Hungary. It is organized by Citizens In Power (Cyprus). The main aim of the project is to go deeper in European Citizenship education with a focus on inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities, and particularly for those deriving from islands where they face natural geographical exclusion. The training course will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus, between May 22-28, 2016. The working language will be English.

By the end of the project participants will have been familiarized with the notion of ‘European Citizenship’ and all the tools concerning the European values. Particular focus will be given on cultural and social dimensions whilst the main priority will be the integration of the learning outcomes into participants’ daily work. Therefore, the young workers will acquire competences and practical experience in order to promote European Citizenship education and act effectively as multipliers of newly acquired competences. One of the main objectives is that the participants of this training course will have the opportunity to create a network for learning and sharing ideas and subsequently to work on new Erasmus+ projects.

This project also addresses the issue of stimulating young people’s spirit of creativity and initiative and the promotion of young people’s commitment to foster social inclusion and solidarity. The project will have multiple positive effects on the individuals involved, cultivating a thorough understanding of each community’s needs and issues. Participants will also be engaged in an inter-cultural exchange and sharing of good practices at a local level, while working with socially excluded groups.


Project duration: 4 months