Grow Green

KA2 Strategic Partnership: 2016-3-CY02-KA205-000848

Coordinator: Citizens in Power

Duration: 01/03/2017-28/02/2019

“Grow Green” team will set up a package of a ‘web platform’ and educational videos that will:

– inform young people on both the agricultural market trends and the business environment of agriculture.

– meliorate young people’s knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their agro-business profile.

-evolve good practices, and particularly educational methods on agricultural fields, thus seeking to motivate youngsters to be involved with the agricultural sector.

-assist young people already involved in the sector to develop and implement innovative practices in the agricultural sector.

-create potential partnerships and future collaborations, through which new initiatives between experienced farmers and newcomers will arise.


Furthermore, ‘Grow Green’ will give the opportunity to aspiring young farmers to move one step further in their training, by providing them a web platform specially-designed for the purposes of the project, where young farmers/participants will have the opportunity to identify the skills and knowledge needed to be involved in the sector in a successful way.


It is equally important that “Grow Green” does not only focus on young people who either want to start their own agricultural business; it also seeks to provide additional knowledge and skills to persons who are already engaged in the agricultural and bio-agricultural sector whilst simultaneously ensuring the creation of a strong networking with other successful professionals.


The consortium consist of the Cypriot NGO Citizens in Power, the Greek NGO iED and the Spanish company Red2Red. The three organizations share a common objective which is the development young people with necessary skills that contribute to their coveted entry into the business arena.


After the completion of the project in 2019, the outcomes of the project will be available here