The Art Within

The project ‘The Art Within’ concentrates on the enhancement of the basic pillars of selfempowerment and self-esteem through alternative methods, primarily related to Performing Arts.

Specifically, ‘The Art Within’ is addressed to staff, youth workers and educators who specialize on the didactic methods of the notions of self-empowerment and self-esteem, with the aim those to be endowed with innovative tools and modernized methods of operating towards their target groups, thus achieving a better quality of work and an increased ability in addressing the needs of any disadvantaged groups encountering problems such as low self-esteem, as a result of many difficult situations; social exclusion, racism, immigration, socio-economic problems, domestic problems etc.

Accordingly, well-experienced experts and professionals deriving from the Local Sectors of Theatre, Dramatology, Dance, Dance Therapy and Communications will deliver various seminars and workshops on ‘Contact, Improvisation and Communication methods’, ‘Dance Therapy’, ‘Storytelling’,‘Theatrical Improvisation’ and ‘Public Speech’ which are specially-designed to reflect an array of methodologies relying on empathy, imagination, physical and mental activation, articulation, body awareness, emotional depth, encouragement, open sharing of thoughts, feelings and opinions, quick thinking, quick action and reaction, engagement and communication with audiences through multidimensional activities, eradication of fixed or pre-mediated behaviours, exploration of individual creative impulses, usage of both formalised and non-formalised skills, presentational skills, usage of language in an authentic, un-planned way etc.


Simultaneously, through interactive Power-point and Video Presentations, the participants of ‘The Art Within’ will enrich their field of knowledge in order to come in touch with the more theoretical aspects of the programme, thus gaining a better understanding of the technical processes concerning the skills that could be acquired within performing arts, by mostly emphasizing on their potential impact on one’s self-empowerment and self-esteem. Through both types of workshops, young workers and educators will be taught to convey original knowledge accompanied with the desirable confidence, as both derive within the experience of public speaking, improvisation, storytelling and dance-therapy, as well as to obtain an integrated understanding of the importance and value of teamwork, motivation, trust, responsibility, independence, individuality, inspiration, passion and originality.

In this manner, socially vulnerable groups of people suffering from low self-confidence and selfesteem will detect alternative ways to recover, whilst in-parallel improving their communication skills, thus being able to achieve the ultimate threefold objective that has been set by the creators of ‘The Art Within’: (a) to be evenly integrated into the society; (b) to become active citizens and; (c) to strengthen their communication skills and other essential skills in order to enhance their career

prospects, thus improving their chances for potential employability.

‘The Art Within’ training that will be hosted in Larnaca, Cyprus by Citizens in Power from 01/11/2018 until 07/11/2018 , in cooperation with partner organizations from Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Germany, Greece and Poland that will be represented by 2 participants

Video summary of activities