PIC number: 940 477 275

Citizens In Power is an independent non profit / non governmental organization that addresses the needs and demands of young people through their involvement in civic life.

CIP’s aims at the development of democratic dialogue, education and entrepreneurship in Cyprus and abroad.

What we do:

  • Work for increasing the employability of young people through entrepreneurship education and practical experience.
  • Organize structured dialogues with decision makers
  • Support and train members of our local and international networks in numerous ways such as exchange of information, good practices, experiences and ideas.
  • Work with partners to promote research and creativity for the modernization of teaching.
  • Participate in the activities Cyprus Youth Council as members

CIP additional aims are

  1. To cover and defend the needs, rights and needs of all young people in Cyprus and abroad, mainly through participation in the democratic and political processes.
  2. To bridge the gap due to different origins, language, history, culture and religion.
  3. Seek to reduce racial disparities and marginalization, through volunteer contribution.
  4. To assist in the realization of the common European identity and to provide a means for engaging in any opportunities provided by the European Union.
  5. To organize young people to become a strong team of active citizens from different economic, legal, educational, social, religious, national, cultural and share the same vision: equal and fair opportunities in lifelong learning, health and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy environment.
  6. To promote
    • youth participation in elections
    • requirements of young people
    • communication between political officials and citizens on issues affecting young people and society in general
    • involve more young people in politics and democracy
    • the fair and equal representation of men and women in decision-making processes (Parliament, local authorities, etc.) and generally in all sectors of society and business.
  7. To promote increased participation of young people average volunteer work
  8. Environmental protection
  9. The promotion of green growth
  10. The promotion and modernization of teaching
  11. The promotion of research and creativity
  12. Promotion and development of new technologies
  13. Support cross culture communication and people belonging to minorities.
  14. Anti-discrimination
  15. Cooperation with other institutions and non-governmental bodies.
  16. Human Rights Defenders by the resolutions of the UN and other bodies of the European Union.
  17. To help reduce unemployment and simultaneously increase the employability of young people through education, practical experience and generally improve their skills.
  18. To assist in the promotion and implementation of partnerships to achieve diversity, solidarity, innovation, creativity, compassion.
  19. To help engage in various voluntary social activities at local and international level.
    • Alleviate the poor.
    • Promotion of education
    • Other purposes which are beneficial to society and who do not fall into the above categories.
  20. To inspire, empower and energize young Cypriots to work to achieve the vision for a peaceful, sustainable and multicultural Cyprus.
  21. To provide a powerful platform for young people where they express their needs and concerns regarding the future of Cyprus and the world
  22. To encourage and support young Cypriots to be active citizens.
  23. Coordination intercultural activities with the ultimate goal of building peace, protecting the environment and protecting human rights.
  24. The facilitation of relationships such as networking between members belonging to different communities of Cyprus.
  25. The promotion of requirements young people through various peaceful campaigns such as public relations and lobbying.
  26. Support and training of members of our local and international networks through exchange of information, experience and ideas.
  27. To promote and advance the education.
  28. To promote and advance the arts, literature, theater and sports.
  29. To promote and advance any other purposes which at times will be deemed as beneficial to society.