Report by participant on KA2 Capacity Building project in Bologna, Italy

Antigoni Tsiarta report on:

Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability, KA2 Capacity Building project 17-26 |  July 2016 | Bologna, Italy

I had the opportunity to attend a 10-days training course (BEE) in Bologna, Italy that aims to build an empowering environment about youth employability. In this project, 13 countries from all over the world were participating sharing their NGOs policies, culture and language. The challenge was to enhance the work-based learning (WBL) for youth in each country by connecting educational sector, labour market, youth and public institutions and make a strong database.

To explain with, the project helped to implement similar activities like the host organisation (Italy) to our country. After finishing high school or vocational school and during school period as well, youth can spend a month aboard for training experience. So they can understand better what sector want to follow for their studies, they will develop their communication skills and improve the English language and learn to be self-depending.

We had a lot of team building activities that allowed us to improve our communication, boost our motivation and get to know each other better. We also learnt effective strategies, improved productivity, learnt about one’s strengths and weaknesses and many others. Through communication activities, problem solving or decision making activities and adaptability or planning activities we all were able to interact in the best way and create a strong, friendly environment.

The host organisation (YouNet) taught us what we should take in mind and what steps we should follow to create strong partnerships and help youth with the job exchanges. In multination teams we had to figure out what are the reasons behind the lack of foundation skills among youth and what are the potential benefits of WBL (Work Based Learning) for employers and trainees. Giving ideas and answers to some questions and problems make me to think deeper and focus in the projects aims.

The Italian food was great. Starting from a strong Mediterranean breakfast that included everything, continuing with delicious pastas, pizzas and meals and ending at night for a famous “apperitivo” in a restaurant in the city was perfect! For desert it could not be missing the most tasteful ice cream that I have ever eaten. Personally I am not fun of coffee but since I first tried the real Italian espresso I changed my mind.

The city itself was beautiful. Bologna is the seventh biggest city in Italy and the use to call her the “red city”. This because all the building roofs are made of ceramic tiles. The architecture of the city refers to the times of Romeo and Juliette. The steep and cobblestones roads, the mosaics pavements and the underground river made you feel like living in a fairy-tale.

Listening to problems that each partner organisation faces in their home country regarding youth employability, we could came across with many common things and help each other to find a solution regardless culture and costumes. For me it was an unforgettable experience as I met people from all over the world and share our ideologies. I totally recommend to everybody to attend this type of training courses, given the opportunity, as the advantages of the participation are invaluable.

Best regards,

Antigoni Tsiarta

CIP member

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