Person of the Year: The Entrepreneur on TV

Peter Drucker said ‘entrepreneurship is not magic, is not mysterious and it has nothing to do with genes. It is a discipline. And, like any discipline, it can be learned’. Young leaders from our organizations recognized the need of practical education on entrepreneurship and prepared project called “Person of the year: THE ENTREPRENEUR!” that was


EU-SIM Qvorum Institute is proudly announcing the launch of EU-SIM project, a European Union funded project under Erasmus+ Program. Between 6th and 10th of July, Bucharest will host the first international European decision-making process simulation. The event will bring together 60 participants from Romania, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Cyprus, courtesy to our project partners: VoteWatch

Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability

New project BEE aims to foster youth employability by creating an empowering environment to enable young people to undergo a work-based learning period and to foster links between formal education, non-formal education and labour market. BEE promotes a holistic approach and structured cross-sectorial cooperation for raising youth employability. BEE contributes to achieving the objectives of

Sports Nutrition

11/01/2016 The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) ‘Citizens in Power’ in collaboration with the Association Pericles Demetriou  have organized a seminar on “Sports Nutrition” Speaker:  XARA ODYSSEOS        

Commonwealth Young Achievers book, 3 CIP members exhibit their success stories

Commonwealth Young Achievers book has been released Three of our members have made it! Angelos Parmatzias page 217 Katerina Gavrilidou page 234 Athanasia Konstantinou page 219 Preface Years of vigour and freshness, Ocean of potentials, Unending efforts and enthusiasm, Tears of hardships, Hope for a better world (YOUTH). The very letters of the term YOUTH reflect the true meaning of