Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability

KA2 project

BEE aims to foster youth employability by creating an empowering environment to enable young people to undergo a work-based learning period and to foster links between formal education, non-formal education and labour market.
BEE promotes a holistic approach and structured cross-sectorial cooperation for raising youth employability.
BEE contributes to achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training. BEE supports the priorities of Erasmus+ namely stating “in order to reduce youth unemployment […] the wide range of transversal skills, which are needed to raise young people’s achievement in education and training and to prepare them for modern social and working life, can be further developed through out-of-school activities, in non-formal and informal learning settings” [COM(2013)8193].
BEE will build capacity of youth organizations in improving young people’s access to the labour market through providing them with work-based learning opportunities. This will be achieved by equipping youth organizations with tools to bridge the sectors and create cross-sectorial networking in each partner country, that will be further interconnected on international level.

The objectives of the project are:
– to foster cooperation, exchange of knowledge and capacity development in the field of work-based learning mobility between the partner countries;
– to create and reinforce synergies between formal education sector, non-formal education and labour market and to set up environment for cross-sectorial cooperation for youth employability;
– to provide youth organizations with guidance and tools for bridging the sectors and creating an empowering environment for work-based learning;
– to create new tools and methods that promote work-based learning mobility as a complementary education path in order to support boosting employability of young people;
– to support and facilitate creation of cross-sectorial networking on global level thus set up space for creation of new work-based learning mobility opportunities for young people.

BEE foresees creation of a key deliverable, the manual that contributes to ensuring sustainability and multiplication of its results beyond the project lifetime and setting up space for further cooperation in the field of work-based learning.


The manual focuses on good practices and ways to implement holistic approach that links formal education, labor market, youths and public institutions.


Duration: 2 years

Start 1/4/2016